Starting a business

Starting a business

The best advice when starting a business is knowing what you want out of your business meaning ( having a goal ) that is the only confident way to go about running a small upcoming business so that your customers can trust your product and/or service that you offer. I’ve always said “If your not confident in your own business and products why should the consumer be.”

•You must write a business plan

•You must save some startup money ( does not have to be thousands of dollars, just research your industry & look up start up recommendations)


•Handling the stress of it comes w/ mental strength. Once you understand your business won’t turn into a multimillion business overnight you’ll know it’s no point in stressing “it’s time to put the work in behind what you always prayed about. Take one day at a time, walk with one foot infront of the other & you will succeed.” - Aliyah CEO

•STOP ASKING PEOPLE SHOULD YOU DO THIS OR THAT. You cannot care about the opinions of others because they may not see nor understand your vision.